Sunset Foundry
P.O. Box  101
Valley Springs, CA 95252
3474 Toyon Circle, Unit 255

Sunset Foundry is a job-shop foundry specializing in gray iron castings from ounces to hundreds of pounds. They can handle prototypes, small and medium sized production runs. For special purposes, they can make castings from originals or from loose patterns. Their pattern maker can turn a drawing into a production pattern. Here are a few examples of the wide variety of castings they have made:

Burners for commercial stoves
Tops for commercial stoves
The successful casting of burners for gas stoves requires great skill during all phases of the casting process. Sunset has been producing these fine quality castings for over 20 years.

Horse head
  Here is a pattern for a Horse Head used as an architectural decoration.
Sunset has made many casting for railroads, both full-sized and minature. Notice the pattern for a steam locomotive pilot in the picture above.  Here are patterns for a  brake shoe and a brake wheel for full-sized railroads:

Brake shoeBrake wheel

Sunset supplied casting to restore a railroad car more than 100 years old. The SPCRR seeks to preserve, restore and operate the narrow gauge cars built by Carter Brothers in Newark, CA. If you want to build a real 3' gauge car, they  will sell you the castings:

Castings for SPCRR truckCastings for SPCRR truck
Castings for SPCRR truckBrake heads and shoes

Below is a batch of castings made for 15" gauge minature railroad cars. The wheels are 10" in diameter:

15" gauge castings

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